Thursday, 18 December 2014


Today is a strange day for me. I feel like I'm still waving goodbye although the spaceship disappeared above the clouds long time ago (crossing Santa's trail, maybe). Today one little world has ended. And it was my Nutka's world. I saw it comming but you never can be prepared properly for their departure, can you... For the last few weeks that we've been granted, she enjoyed her hamster life mildly. A noble old lady attached to her habits. A little bit of hoarding, a little bit of building - that's what she always appreciated most. Her nest was the apple of her eye so when I saw it neglected one day - I simply knew the time was comming. During the last few days everything became an effort. Walking. Eating. Even the most favourite treats. I had to feed them nearly into her mouth... The veterinarian diagnosis this morning was simple and short: old age. Respiratory problems began and the partial paralysis of limbs made walking almost impossible. I had like 3 seconds to make a decision. The decision. But - to be honest - it's been taken long time ago, during the sleepless nights spent next to her cage, with her. I would never cause my dearest Nutka more pain than it's absolutely necessary. So in my heart I sung her a lullaby... 

...and The Injection Of Relief was done. 

You will be most missed my little black angel...

Every minute spent with you was a precious one. 

I hope Lilly and Kro are going to take a good care of you and teach you how to lick the rainbow.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014


As unexpected (and wonderful!) as it may seem, Nutka's voyage has been canceled. I was watching over her that night, looking at her getting more and more dizzy and weak, as if drunk, more and more cold with this inner cold oh! I know too well... Then I had this most awful conversation with our vet that - maybe - we should start to consider helping her get through... I decided to wait and Nutka finally - about 3 A.M. - quietly fell asleep, as if reliefed, so I also took a nap. In the morning I rushed to check her. Imagine my surprise when I found her trotting in the cage, hoarding, grooming, eating, as if nothing ever happened! She even demanded some treats from me and played with my hand.

I called the vet to pass the happy news. This most kind woman explained to me that it's quite possible that Nutka suffered from some kind of a soft stroke (just like human happen to do) or any other kind of a temporary collapse that she fought with a little bit of glucose I gave her. She's almost two years old now, it's quite an age as for the hamster. The vet told me to provide Nutka with peace and comfort but - honestly - she doesn't act like she needed any. She's herself again: vivid, always busy, always in a hurry. I know what I saw that night but it's hard to trust a memory when you see her like this right now. As if nothing ever happened, as if my prayers were heard and Nutka was granted by Saint Roch and Saint Francis the next spring of her life. I tore her ticket and ate it ;-)

Friday, 24 October 2014


I'm affraid Nutka has got her ticket to the Moon... And she's about to leave any day soon, not consulting this voyage with me... Last night I left her in good health but this morning she didn't look well... Well, I believe I should pull myself together to wave her goodbay... I won't fight the gravity..........................

Friday, 14 March 2014


Finally I found the culprit...! It turned out that Nutka's dewlap was hurt by... the hay! Because of her age her dewlap became bare, uncovered and unprotected by the fur so the sharp weeds of dried grass were hurting her (poor thing) while she was looking for the food underneath her bedding. I changed the nesting material to the soft trashed paper towels only and the problem disappeard as if it never existed. No more grass in the cage, Nutka, I promise...!

Thursday, 27 February 2014


No pictures this time, since I didn't manage to take any because of Nutka's traditional agility, just the raw story. It comes down to the fact, that she's nearly gave me heart attack and almost served herself a tracheotomy. As serious as it may sound, she's perfectly fine, although it took me a while to estabilish the facts. The thing is few days ago I noticed that her dewlap is covered all over with a one, huge, red scab. There were no blood traces inside or outside the cage, so I have completely no idea how she managed to hurt herself so badly (at first I thought it was beet juice). Nevertheless, she doesn't seem to act like it bothered her. She's active, vivid as usual. It was pain in the ass to hold her in a proper position to make her show the injury to me but I eventually had a chance to examine the wound. It was clean, it was closed up, no visible exudation, so I left it to heal naturally. It's the second time Nutka hurts herself. First the nose, now the dewlap. I don't know what she's up to. None of my hamsters have ever had such issues and I'm pretty sure the environment I provide is safe for them. Still, somehow Nutka keeps on falling into trouble. I simply can not think of anything I could do more or better to prevent it. I've checked everything and found nothing. Any ideas anyone...? :-/

Saturday, 15 February 2014

PAWS, PAWS, PAWS...! *___*

I don't know how about you, guys, but I'm totally in love with hamster little paws *_* I just adore (!) Nutka's sweet, chubby fingers and soft paw-pillows :-)

And did you know that hamsters do not need any kind of manicure or pedicure at all...? If only you deliver something they can scratch (sticks, wood, stones, clay, bark and so on) they can manage themselves, no human help needed :-)))

Nevertheless, every now and then I check on Nutka's nails: everything seems to be peachy right now...! :-) My little lady... [kiss, kiss] So chic and stylish, hihi...

Sunday, 19 January 2014


It's windy, it's cloudy and it's dark outside. Prolonged lack of sunlight bothers me more each day. There are few things that make me happy. Nutka is one of them and now clearly I can see she's getting elder. She also seems to suffer from the winter depression. Most of the time she spends in her nest and if she comes out, it's only when she's got something delicious to hoard or... when she's on heat and looks for the company. She also moves much more slowly than she used to. There's one advantage - I managed to take a nice photo of her:

Isn't she lovely...? :-)

Yes, that's true, I was desperate and set a trap made of fresh grains (after half a year of trials, I'm not ashamed of this 'cheating'). And yes, she swallowed the bait like a little fish. Now I've got at least two clear pictures of that little devil ;-)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


It's still very cold outside and I can't even open the window not to harm my hammie. I can see she's nearly bored to death, so I keep on bringing more and more new things to her cage. She's already got many new willow and hazel sticks, since she loves to gnaw on them and arrange them in many different ways near her burrow. I also bought a wooden panel and ladder for her to climb on. Last but not least, she got a little birch stump, empty inside, ideal for many purposes, such as: sitting on it, hiding or storing food and ripping the bark of it.

Nutka seems to be very glad and visibly enjoys all of the improvements. The stump became her favourite place to sit and observe what's going on in the room. No wonder. She's after anything what's natural and smells the nature :-)

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Nutka is nothing like any other hamster I've ever had. In time she became very territorial. What she values most is her nest. She spends there 99% of time and leaves it only if she must collect some food or nesting material. She doesn't like going outside the cage anymore. She also isn't after caresses - she's never been.


I guess that's because I took her from the pet store when she was an adult hamster, when she already had her own habits. Don't get me wrong: she's a true darling, never tried to bite me, but you can tell by her behaviour that she's got her own half-wild world where humen are not exactly necessary unless they bring some delicious threats. I'm ok with it as long as she's healthy and happy. It was my decision to rescue her from becoming a snake food and I was aware that there might be some problems with taming. Well, she tamed beautifully, she's only got different needs. Sometimes I miss all that cuddling and stroking, but after all it's an independant being who doesn't exist to fulfill my desires...


Despite of her age (she must be about a year old now) Nutka is still too rapid to catch her with my camera. So far I've never succedeed in shooting her properly (LOL), but I'm not giving up - still trying ;-) I'd love to give her a proper, natural hamster habitat (there's this huge project growing on me for some time), but I'm not sure whether I'd finish it on time (before her time comes). I don't know.

Friday, 22 November 2013


I dropped by just to show you how taking pictures of Nutka usually looks like. First of all, there's much of an effort on my side and much of running on her's. Then there's what I take for THE SHOT. And that's how the results look like:

I was never any good at photographing moving objects. My camera has many modes proper for children, sportsmen and so on, but none of them applies for Rapid Hamster Movement (LOL). What a big nose! Nutka, you're being nosy! ;-)